Feral Interactive sought help over multiple engagements, creating Octonauts and Thomas & Friends concepts to gain IP rights and providing extra value / auditing Mac versions of acclaimed games Mafia 2 and Bioshock 2.


Mainly a porting studio, Feral needed to quickly acclimate to the challenge of developing a product from the concept stage and shift from a focus on hardcore genres with high skill and dexterity requirements to story-driven games.

Feral’s AAA games had a reputation for good quality but aggressive pricing. Coupled with a larger investment in their tech stack, this meant fewer people were likely to buy even as more sales were needed to recoup, posing a risk for Bioshock 2 and Mafia 2 launches.


For Octonauts and Thomas we proposed concepts centered around point and tap gameplay coupled with adventure game storytelling. We supported the concepts with storyboards, wireframing, paper prototypes of the core design, several sample levels as well as handling the pitch to the rightsholders.

For Bioshock 2 and Mafia 2, the main focus was providing more value for money through extra features and boosting the trademark Feral quality even further. As one of the most requested features, gamepad support was a priority for Mafia 2. We also recommended a focus on fixing and polishing Bioshock 2’s infamous multiplayer issues, arguably making the Mac version the best version of Bioshock 2 multiplayer bar none.


Feral was granted the rights and development greenlight to both Octonauts and the Thomas and Friends license. Using the experience acquired in the process Feral went on to acquire the rights to and adapt Creative Assembly’s Rome: Total War to iOS.

Bioshock 2 and Mafia 2 both came out to rave reviews from Mac-centered publications, with special praise for the overall quality and dedicated Mac features.