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Kuato Studios sought assistance over seven engagements for a variety of projects including social quiz app Recall: The Memory Jogger and children’s app Dino Tales.


Originally geared up as a studio for big AAA-style premium projects, Kuato needed to reorganize their production and design processes to ship multiple smaller F2P and premium projects in a short time frame. Projects also lacked clear direction and focus with conflicting requirements from multiple stakeholders and incipient scope creep.


Through an in-depth discovery process with Kuato's leadership team, we arrived at Recall's positioning as an educational QuizUp competitor and Dino Tales as an interactive reading experience.

We implemented a series of process changes, introducing Agile development methodology and short, iterative product cycles validated with frequent playtests to prevent scope creep. We also provided in-depth system design for Recall's progression and memory evaluation systems.


The discovery process allowed stakeholders to align and decide on a path forward. Frequent playtesting allowed us to shift from feature creep to a focus on core features like accurately representing and rewarding a player's recall improvements in Recall. With a stable product structure and clear direction, both products successfully launched to 4+ App Store ratings.