Free To PlaySports


Stick Sports sought help differentiating their hit game Stick Tennis in the crowded mobile sports game market as an F2P game with fair monetization.


A successful product with millions of downloads, Stick Tennis was facing declining revenues and review scores. Though marketed as F2P, most content was paywalled. The team knew they wanted an F2P economy, but wanted it perceived as fair and equitable.


We built the new economy around a strategy of allowing frequent short sessions driven by a combination of quickly regenerating currency with low caps for short, frequent sessions. We also redesigned the Shop and added desirable items at a higher price point to supplement revenue.


The new economy update increased monthly revenue by 10-15% while increasing the average review score from 3 to 4+ stars with the majority of revenue coming from the newly introduced high price items. Our pricing model has been the basis for every Stick Tennis project since, including regular App Store top 250 grossing hits Stick Soccer 1 and 2, Stick Cricket 1 and 2 and Stick Tennis Tour.